Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BallDroppings for Android Released

Today marks the release of BallDroppings, Tesuji Games' first mobile toy for the Android platform. I first encountered this delightful game when it appeared as one of the first Google Chrome Experiments when the Google Chrome browser launched. I was immediately addicted and I knew that it would be a perfect fit for a mobile game.

BallDroppings was originally created by artist and designer Josh Nimoy in 2003, and it has been ported to many platforms over the years. Many thanks to Josh for allowing Tesuji Games to develop the official Android version.

Here's a demonstration video that shows just about every feature of the initial release:

BallDroppings is available for Android versions 1.5 and up, and comes in both Full and Lite versions. See the BallDroppings page for more information. Or scan the barcodes below to go straight to the Android Market and join the BallDroppings phenomenon!

BallDroppings (full version)

BallDroppings Lite


  1. Tremendous implementation!

    A useful feature addition - 'lockout mode'.

    Once enabled, only pressing the power button on the phone will allow interaction again. Why? I want to create a great world, then give it to my son to play with moving it around to make the sounds change based on tilt... but he always changes app (or calls someone by accident)

  2. many are waiting for this ball to drop and I hope it would be a successful venture from the Android platform.

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  3. Amazing little app, there's so much you can do with it. The android store needs more like this.