BallDroppings is an addictive playtoy, an emergence game, an audio-visual performance instrument and a meditative experience all rolled into one. Balls fall from a dispenser and bounce off the lines you create by touching the screen. The balls make percussive and melodic sounds, the pitch of which depend on how fast a ball is moving when it bounces. This delightful application allows experimentation with sound and vision. All ages will find it intriguing and hard to put down.

BallDroppings was originated by artist & designer Josh Nimoy in 2003 and now Tesuji Games has brought the official version to the Android platform! The Android version includes many enhancements including:
  • Physics controls such as ball drop rate, gravity, and bounce intensity
  • Tilt gravity, using the device's accelerometer
  • Many different sounds and sound modes that determine what frequency or note is played, including choosing musical notes from a piano keyboard for easier creation of music
  • Various color modes for the balls
  • Settable background color and line color
  • Visual effects such as trails and ball expansion
  • The ability to save and load your favorite creations
  • Sharing worlds via email
  • Stereo sound for use with earphones
Here's a video that demonstrates all the features:

BallDroppings is available on the Android Market. There is also a demo version called BallDroppings Lite, which disables many features, but gives you the feel of what BallDroppings is all about.

BallDroppings is available for Android versions 1.5 and up. (The sound on Android 1.5 suffers slightly over more recent versions due to some bugs in the sound APIs in Android 1.5).

Scan the barcodes below to go straight to BallDroppings on the Android Market and join the BallDroppings phenomenon!

BallDroppings (full version)

BallDroppings Lite

Here are some features planned for future releases:
  • More sounds and sound modes
  • Multiple dispensers, each producing different sounding balls
  • Gravity determined by your device's compass
  • Cooperative play over Bluetooth
  • Animated wallpaper for Android 2.1 and up
  • Game modes
  • and many more!